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There are several hybrids currently out there in North America. They include the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda Insight, Toyota Prius, and the Mercury Mariner. There are also Hybrid SUVs obtainable – the Ford Escape, the Lexas 400H and the Toyota Highlander.

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Driving fans have come to anticipate increasingly more technological options equipped with their new automobiles. Just one technology ago, getting one thing above an AM radio was thought of a bonus, however immediately there are so many electronic units on the market, that motorists count on extra?much more the truth is. Lexus is about to push up the ante a bit extra by introducing its all new LS-460, a automotive that has been electronically ?tricked out? to the max. In case you thought your personal computer had energy, just wait: the LS-460 will likely have you beat by a excessive tech mile.

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